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How To Do It

This 2 minute reading will teach you how to use Code Coupon Discount. The fact that you know how to use it will save and money you time in the future.

A fact about shopping
When you are buying items or services online you can make 2 steps in only one:
-    Get what you want;
-    Save money in the same time.
In the checkout process many online stores will have a field where you can enter a coupon or a discount code. This means that you’ll get something in exchange:
-    Free shipping
-    Save money
-    Get something else for free.

At Code Coupon Discount we even simplified the process and included sites that sustain:
“... promotion are rare because we give you the lowest prices available everyday“.
That is why we include websites, with no coupon or discount offers, only because they have the lowest price on the market.
An example what the means:
If a website has a coupon that saves you 10$ and the product is 99$ that means you will get the product with 89$.
A site with no coupon but with the lowest price on the market has the same product at the price of 85$.

Step1: You want to buy from videowhisper.com or simply videowhisper
Step2: You visit http://www.codecoupondiscount.com
Step3: In the search section you enter the title website from step1
Step4: Any coupon available for this store will now be shown.
Step5: Choose the coupon code that best fit you and click on it. Just paste the code ( that already copied ) in the payment process.
Following the five steps will save you money and get you great discount or bonus!

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