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Thankster was created to fulfill a very simple mission – to greatly ease the burden of writing thank you notes and similar (generally handwritten) missives, such as holiday cards. These cards are expected to be written in your own handwriting, and yet they tend to be very repetitive and very numerous – and as a result, very laborious to write. Thankster makes this process simpler by letting you type in the notes using our website, starting with a core message that you can edit individually for each recipient, if desired, to any extent you would like. You can use one of the handwriting styles we supply, and, if you’d like, adjust it to something similar to yours or to one you like for some other reason. Or, you can use your own handwriting by submitting a sample to us which we then make available for you to use with Thankster. Thankster is especially useful for wedding, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and other thank you notes, for Season’s Greetings cards, and for quick handwritten" business communications. Whatever use you find for Thankster Thankster.com »

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